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Bubble is a free anonymous mobile app that lets you chat and make friends at a specific location. Simply open the app and it will center on your location, then tap to create a "bubble" at that location (or any location!). This creates a chatroom confined to that circle on a map. An example of its use would be a student in a dorm creating a "bubble" at their dorm and asking if anyone wants to get lunch, chatting with someone and setting something up, and making a new friend in the process.


The goal of this project is to design, market, and execute a recruiting platform for Knightley that leverages talent from top research universities (especially Georgia Institute of Technology) so that startups can seamlessly provide projects to interested students, while students gain relevant industry experience. The findings of the research project should be delivered with recommendations on key features or areas for improvement of the application. We will have a team of 6/7 individuals from the Georgia Tech Product Management Club who are skilled in marketing strategy & design/development.

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JacketConnect with SGA

JacketConnect is a new project designed to help new students and transfer students learn about programs and activities on campus. The application will allow students to provide their fields of interest in order to connect them with representatives from relevant programs and student organizations to hear about their experiences. Team developers will work with MySQL, Python, React.js, and AWS to build the application from scratch.


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